THAT ONE TEAM is a community-based high school robotics team located in Belmont, MI.

That ONE Team is now in our 7th year of FRC. We started as LEGO® in Paradise in 2006 as a FIRST® LEGO® League team, and were successful right from the beginning – we won tournaments and had an impact in our community by starting other FLL teams. Those teams led to the creation of Paradise Teams, the organization that sponsors That ONE Team. We retired from FLL in 2013 after attending the World Festival with two different teams in the two preceding years. However, in 2013 while attending the FIRST® Championship as spectators, we decided that we needed to start an FRC team. Since we had some experienced FIRST® members and there were no other FRC teams in our area, it was a good fit.

And thus, Team 4967 was born, created to produce Our Next Engineers.

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