THAT ONE TEAM – 2024 Season

A New Season is Warming Up!

THAT ONE TEAM is ready to dive into the upcoming 2025 Season, REEFSCAPE!

That ONE Team 4967 is wrapping up the 2024 season with off-season events, community outreach, summer camps, skill workshops, and amazing projects all to get ready to dive head first into the 2025, water themed, season.

Come join us for all of our off-season fun, and our upcoming season! There is still lots going on!


 FIRST Robotics Competition 2024 Season

Combining the excitement of sport with the rigors of STEM, FIRST® Robotics Competition (ages 14-18) teams use sophisticated technology to build and program industrial-sized robots to play an action-packed, alliance-based game on a themed field. With professional mentors and sponsors, students learn engineering and problem-solving skills that they can apply to real-world situations today and in the future. Using Gracious Professionalism, each team creates a team identity, raises funds to meet its goals, and works to promote STEM in their community.

In REEFSCAPE℠ presented by Haas, a new challenge launching January 4, 2025, FIRST Robotics Competition teams will use their engineering skills to strengthen one of the ocean’s most diverse habitats – making waves to build a better world.


THAT ONE TEAM will be competing in the following off-season events:

Indiana Robotics Invitational
Indianapolis, IN
July 11-13, 2024

Ferris State Robo Day
Big Rapids, MI
September 28, 2024

Grand Rapids Girls Tournament
Wyoming, MI
October 12th, 2024

West Michigan Robotics Invitational
Zeeland, MI
October 21th, 2024